Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry CHristmas, Happy New Year!!!

its already time turn that calendar to January, i can't believe 2008 is tomorrow! where did the year go. seems the older i get the faster time flies. Resolutions? no i don't make any really, not worth looking back in disappointment i figure. i may think of things i'd like to change, things i could do better or more but i don't put them in writing, that makes them too official. I think for 08 i'd just like to try enjoying my job more, this fall has been a big adjustment and i know i will survive and make it till june but i need to be more positive about it. I will scrap, as much as is possible, and look forward to working with the gals at Life Preservers and the great monthly kits!!! Improve on my photography, practice practice. I look forward to Jan 11th weekend when i head to the 4-H Leaders conference with Theresa, should be fun and educational, to march and spring break when i will see my brother Chris and my nephew in kelowna hopefully, and will send Lindsey off to Costa Rica for the adventure of her life!!! it will be a great year I have no doubt, with tonnes to do and memories to record. Hope yours starts off great, Happy 2008!!!

here are a few projects i have done in preparation for the new year, a couple calendars and some pages :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy 17th Birthday Jessica Joy

it's hard to believe it was 17 years ago we stopped in Shaunavon hospital as we didn't think we'd make our intended destination of Swift Current hospital and we probably wouldn't have, you came quickly. It was a rollercoaster ride from the start when the dr's said you had problems and may not survive the night, off you flew to Saskatoon to the NICU where you spent a few days before you were doing well and eating enough to be released and could go home. We spent that Christmas with Barb and Ruben and the family then drove you home to Frontier. Cornelia De Lange syndrome was not something we had ever heard of until your diagnoses a short while later and all that came with it was hard to hear, heart defect, abnormal growth, cleft pallet, etc but you were so sweet and were content to be held and swing in your swing, you seemed pretty healthy and normal to us. I remember calling the hospital nicu to ask for a replacement soother like the one they gave you while there because you wouldn't take any other one.

We were so thankful for the health and progress you made over the 2 short years you were with us, we had some scares with pnemonia and breathing issues, a couple hospital stays for tests etc but we treasured all those things. Making the decision to go ahead with the heart surgery was not easy but we felt it was best for you, and in the end it was just your time to go i guess, God needed you in heaven with Him. We'll always remember your little smile and your dark hair, and the way you stood stiff on your daddy's hands. Happy Birthday Jessica.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree....

Oh Christmas tree, and all the trimmings are up at our house making it feel like the big day is just around the corner, which it is!!! I'm not quite ready, have a few more gifts to buy, and have done no wrapping yet but i like to do that all at once a day or two before :). I did get all my cards MADE and almost all of them have been mailed. This group photo in front of our tree was included in them for fun, thanks my sweet family for posing for me. Aside from work and christmas preparations and hockey games and practices and domestic duties and sleep here and there, not much is new since i last posted, rediculous how long between postings and i apologize but i will share a few projects i have squeezed in in my spare time for your viewing pleasure.

I want to thank those who have joined me in praying for my cousin who was in a terrible vehicle accident a week ago. He is doing so well, is off the ventilator, is talking and coherent and sounds like he will make a full recovery. God is good and does answer prayer!!!

We are getting company for Christmas and cannot wait to see my SIL and her family, its been too long. Tomorrow is our church concert so have been busy practicing for that and it should be lots of fun. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and blessings to you. Lets not forget that Jesus is the Reason for the Season and i'm thankful to be in a community where my views are shared and expressed, and to live in a country that still allows us to Say Merry CHristmas, it seems that is not the case in lots of places and His birth is not the focus any longer in schools or communities.

oh and if you happen to see the winter issue of Canadian Scrapbooker, i have a layout in there about my scrapspace/stuff on page 34. :o)