Friday, October 26, 2007

tag, you're it!!!

Kim Watson tagged me to share 7 facts about myself so here goes, i'll play (and thanks for the comments about my pics of late, perhaps its just my new Canon XTi thats taking better pics but i am studying and trying to improve and learn).

1. i was terribly shy as a child, hated being up in front of people but working at Wendy's as a teen and being in charge of a crew brought me out of my shell and helped with that
2. i love singing at church and concerts/weddings but don't ask me to speak off the cuff first LOL, my dream is to record and album
3. i was a nail biter till last summer and have now been enjoying having fingernails for over a year, its never to late to break a bad habit
4. i'm married to my highschool sweetheart, we started dating when i was 15
5. i'd love to change my thin fine straight hair and crooked nose
6. i was born and raised in the city but have adjusted quite well to farm life and living in the country
7. i should have a job as a professional shopper LOL, i get a thrill from spotting a bargain whether it be new or at thrift shops or garage sales, it would be an awesome career.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Wow, its been a while since i've updated and we've been across the ocean and back since :) Maui was wonderful, amazingly warm and beautiful with such gorgeous trees and flowers, i'll not soon forget. Anne and Phillip's wedding was just perfect, truly a celebration in paradise at the quaintest little church and Inn. We enjoyed touring the island, walking the beach, snorkelling and swimming in the ocean and pool at our condo. Eating out at restaurants with such fun atmosphere where there were no windows and lots of island breeze blowing through and birds on the floors, lively music and great food of course. We shopped, so many great places to browse and see what goods were for sale and pick up souvenir's to bring home, and a few things for ourselves :) I can hardly wait to go back and take the kids, the snorkelling was amazing and i wish we had had a few more days to explore more places and see more tropical fish and perhaps some turtles and whales.

I can't say that i really enjoyed the flying and the airport waiting but we managed and it was worth the 14 hours in the air and the day spent waiting in airports to catch our flights and go through security etc. I got randomly selected for a pat down in edmonton so i felt "special"but it was nothing serious LOL, just my luck though :). Our condo was good, lots of room, perfect location in Kihei, and a lovely ocean view and bunking with Judi, Ken and Ian was a blast!!! you were great company.

There is nothing like an early morning walk on the beach with the warm breeze and sun coming up and a temperature that for me is as close to heaven as possible!! The smell of the plumaria blossoms is soooo sweet, wish there was a perfume that did it justice. I took hundreds of photos so i'll start by sharing some of the highlites and my faves from the trip and will try and put up a photobucket album for more.

Was great to see the kids, we've not left them for that long before but they managed just fine with their grandparents and i needn't have worried about them.

Tomorrow is back to work for me, back to reality, back to my fleece pants and socks and keeping the wood stove going :) and i'll share a couple photos of the little flock of puppies that greets us when we head out to the shop. they are 6 weeks old and we have 6 out of the 11 left, so stinking cute with unique personalities and i'm sure the ones that have gone to new homes already are being loved to death.

Oh, and that little hobby i have, scrapbooking, well i can hardly wait to get some pics printed from our trip and start scrapping them, i have lots of memorobelia to use like sand and shells and maps, restaurant menus and fun postcards. I already made a couple necklaces with some shell and coral beads i bought in Maui.

so enjoy the snapshots of our trip and the puppies.