Monday, January 29, 2007

Slacking!! sorry

I am sorry i haven't updated my blog in days, have just been busy getting my DT assignments done, getting back into routine with some scrapping and work and all that fun stuff. I enjoyed the online crop this past weekend at Scrapbookers Clubhouse and am sad to say my term on the team there has come to an end, it was a blast and Nicole's service rocks!!! "Jolly" is one of the challenge layouts i did saturday.

I'm playing Scrapvivor on a new site i found, Timeless Inspirations and made it through to round two. "Life Happens" was the lo i did for that challenge, to use some old clothing pieces or parts on it, the black flowers were off of Lindsey's shoes and a few other embellishments were also recycled!

I also found out yesterday that i will be guest Designer for February over at SavvynSassy and i can't wait to get their ribbbon kit and play with that - i LOVE ribbon!!!! "first Season" was the layout i created for that contest, Mitchells close up smile behind his hockey mask speaks for itself!!

And anyday now the new magazine Scrapbook Dimensions should be releasing its first issue (in PDF format) with one of my layouts in it so i'm looking forward to seeing that. "Hip Necessity" is the layout in there that i created with a bit of digital and a lot of traditional scrapping.

I am hoping to scrap this coming weekend at the nearby community hall with friends who will be quilting and having a sleepover at my place so it should be a fun time.

Anyway, i am happy to say that my back is coming along nicely, its been one month and it gets better and better every day (and i can't wait till i can start massage and physiotherapy in a few weeks), i am LOVING our new wheels, such luxury! My new work schedule starts thursday and is just a little different than last semester so it will be nice to get back to that routine, january has flown by in a bit of a hazy blurr, here's hoping february is "normal". Hearts to you all for the wellwishes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Going Digital? - nope

As fun as it is to see a layout come together on the computer I would/could never give up my precious scissors and paper, the smell of new stickers or chipboard, nope, I would not switch to digital scrap booking but I must say I am loving learning how to play with photoshop and do things in there to incorporate into my traditional paper layouts. Here is my first full digi layout using the free kit that CK had out last month. And the Merry layout I did as well using some free digital elements that Pick of the Patch has for their customers this month. I LOVE the film strips and am sure I will use those again and again. So despite being unable to scrap for long periods at a time i can still manage a bit of extra computer time to learn something new!!! all is not lost :)

And just FYI, i know that i should be capitalized but i am TOOOO lazy to do it so just pretend my shift key is broken for now LOL.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pluggin' Away!!!!

Well it's been two weeks since the accident and I'm getting better, some days better than others, still frustrated that my body aches and won't cooperate when my mind has lots to do! I did manage "one-a-day" scrap success though and even if it wasn't as much production as i would have liked I guess its better than nothing. The design team at Love2Scrap was working with Basic Grey Blush paper kit this past month and did some fabulous work, be sure to check out the gallery there for inspiration and see what pops up on the BG website in the near future!! Here's one of the layouts I did with it. I am hoping that this coming week is better and that I can find my mojo and be productive before I have to head back to work. I learned a bit about Digital scrap'n with PS today so expect to see some of that encorporated into my traditional designs.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Well I must say I rang in the new year in a whole new eventful way this year. Jan 1 2007 found me laying on my back in a hospital bed staring at the ceiling, bored to tears but also shedding tears of relief because I was so thankful to be alive and that even though we rolled our vehicle on Dec 31st no one was seriously injured and we all walked away from the accident scene. God definitely had angels watching over us that day. I spent 24hrs in hospital and was released with instructions to take it easy, no heavy lifting or bending and that my 9th thoracic vertebrae had a (compression or witch (I think is what he said)) fracture but will heal completely and if I follow dr.s orders then will hopefully not have backpain down the road. It was a scarey ordeal for everyone involved, Lindsey was driving and felt so bad but we reminded her that vehicles are replaceable and we are all ok so we hope she will not be too scared to get behind the wheel in the near future.

Of course my "scrapbookers mind" (which had some seriously bored hours to ponder) has a few layout ideas going around in her head and I will share the results when I get around to creating those memorable layouts. As for next New Years Eve I will find some other form of entertainment to ring in the New Year, this is something I don't wish to have happen again.

Hope your celebrations were safe and happy, God Bless for 2007!!!