Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Well I must say I rang in the new year in a whole new eventful way this year. Jan 1 2007 found me laying on my back in a hospital bed staring at the ceiling, bored to tears but also shedding tears of relief because I was so thankful to be alive and that even though we rolled our vehicle on Dec 31st no one was seriously injured and we all walked away from the accident scene. God definitely had angels watching over us that day. I spent 24hrs in hospital and was released with instructions to take it easy, no heavy lifting or bending and that my 9th thoracic vertebrae had a (compression or witch (I think is what he said)) fracture but will heal completely and if I follow dr.s orders then will hopefully not have backpain down the road. It was a scarey ordeal for everyone involved, Lindsey was driving and felt so bad but we reminded her that vehicles are replaceable and we are all ok so we hope she will not be too scared to get behind the wheel in the near future.

Of course my "scrapbookers mind" (which had some seriously bored hours to ponder) has a few layout ideas going around in her head and I will share the results when I get around to creating those memorable layouts. As for next New Years Eve I will find some other form of entertainment to ring in the New Year, this is something I don't wish to have happen again.

Hope your celebrations were safe and happy, God Bless for 2007!!!


Kelly said...

OH MY! I didn't know you had an accident! I am so glad nobody was seriously injured. I'll be thinking about ya- get your rest!!

Donna C said...

Rest and take care of yourself Corry ! I am so happy that everybody walked away and that an angel was riding with you that day !

Anonymous said...

so happy to know that it wasnt worse!!!! Angels were def. with you guys!!!

Hope you are feeling a little better by now!

Hugs girl!

Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear that your family is safe and mostly unhurt!!! you take it easy and get lots of rest!!! have a great night and can't wait to see those pages!

Wanita said...

Angels were sure with your family Corry! Take it easy and give yourself time to heal properly. Hugs to you and your entire family.

Rhea said...

hope your feeling better {{{{HUGS}}}