Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Going Digital? - nope

As fun as it is to see a layout come together on the computer I would/could never give up my precious scissors and paper, the smell of new stickers or chipboard, nope, I would not switch to digital scrap booking but I must say I am loving learning how to play with photoshop and do things in there to incorporate into my traditional paper layouts. Here is my first full digi layout using the free kit that CK had out last month. And the Merry layout I did as well using some free digital elements that Pick of the Patch has for their customers this month. I LOVE the film strips and am sure I will use those again and again. So despite being unable to scrap for long periods at a time i can still manage a bit of extra computer time to learn something new!!! all is not lost :)

And just FYI, i know that i should be capitalized but i am TOOOO lazy to do it so just pretend my shift key is broken for now LOL.


Andrea Wiebe said...

Corry, your digi pages look awesome! i just read about your accident...praise God everyone was ok!

Unknown said...

my shift key is always broken..LOL!!!! and i love that digi lo...it turned out fabulously!!! and i couldn't fully convert to digi either...i love the charm 3d scrapping has, love the dimensions and the textures!!! but i would love to incorporate some of those cool digi techniques into my lo's too!!! have fun playing!! nite!!

Yvette said...

Great layouts! You should digi more often!


Donna C said...

Great job Corry ...it seems you have a magic touch regardless to whether you are doing digi or paper !

Unknown said...

wow.........I am impressed!!!! WTG Corry!

I like you want my scissors, paper, etc., etc., but would love to try digital scrapbooking......just to be able to say I DID IT!!!! Hopefully someday!!!

p.s. I can't seem to break my caps button......think I'm to old...can't teach an old dog new tricks!!!