Wednesday, September 20, 2006

busy busy busy - no excuse!!

Yep, its been a week since i updated, told ya i am not a journaller, i guess its just not a habit yet!!! today i am busy getting ready to leave for Scrapfest and am not packed!! I am quite excited but so not looking forward to driving around Edmonton!! Hope i don't cause an accident, you know the country bumpkin in the big city!!! HEHE Its going to be a jam packed weekend of friends and fun, see you there. Oh i still need to make myself a nametag!!

Participated in a couple online crops last weekend at Scrapshotz and Scrapbookers clubhouse and got lots done!!! here are a couple of my faves from the challenges:

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've been tagged!!

hmm, well i feel like an official blogger now LOL. Guess I'm it so thanks Renee, and you sure you really want to know 5 weird things about me??? I think I'm boring but...

1. I am still with my first boyfriend, now my husband, who I started dating when i was 14. not strange perhaps but in this day and age it's probably considered pretty weird. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary, Love Ya Hon
2. I worked at Wendy's restaurant when i was a teenager, for 2 years i think, and I still love their food!
3. I bark when i burp, can't help it, it just happens.
4. the colored part of my eyes are scaley looking, like snake skin sort of.
5. i chew my nails, always have, terrible habit but i grew them out this summer, yeah me. probably won't last long cause they aren't strong or nicely shaped but i can polish them at least.

so there you go, boring hey??? now i will see if i can come up with some people to tag.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm working....

Had a job interview at the school today for a part time t.a. position and got the job. For the most part it will be the same duties as I have been doing as a substitute over the past 2 years but will be nice to have regular scheduled days!! I will still sub and will probably end up getting more work than I actually want but will see. Hopefully it doesn't cut too much into my scrap routine LOL. I start tuesday.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Really, next to family, friends are pretty important, they are that extra bit of glue that holds life together? To My childhood friend, Danae, someone I have known for close to 28 years, shared secrets with and giggled like silly schoolgirls, been there for weddings and babies and tragedy, kept in touch through moves and relocations, and now the sadness and shock of losing someone close, a parent, a father. Nothing prepares you for that and I pray you and your family get through it my friend, my sister, love you and know you are in my thoughts. Till we see each other again....

Monday, September 04, 2006


Only a few short weeks until I get to attend Scrapfest in Edmonton. I am excited to say the least. Taking a Maya Road class, being a t.a. for Ali Edwards class, meeting tonnes of scrappers whom i have only known online, teaching make and takes and helping with the Love2Scrap booth should prove to be an awesome weekend. Check out Scrapfest and perhaps I will see you there.

Isn't he CUTE!!!

our newest member of the farm family, Mac, joined us last week and is 2 months old. He's already making his presence well known and is good buddies with our other dog Zoe. Hopefully he will be good with the cattle in the future.

Scrapbook Survivor

I am playing Scrapbook Survivor for a spot on the design team at scrapbooking swede and did this layout for a challenge last week, I won immunity so am safe - for now!!! Yum, i love POPCORN, anyone else crave this salty snack??

let's see here

i have a new design team gig at and got to work with some awesome WRMK papers and LOVED the results. maybe i can figure out how to include a picture of this 9" canvas in my post , my adorable nephew Gudmund, whom i met for the first time this august is featured smiling here.

I gave in

Yes, I resisted for months, said I was NOT going to blog cause I already spend too much time online but I really want a place to share ALL my work, my layouts and where I hang my scrapbook hat!!! So we will see how frequently I update, once I figure out all the technical stuff, rip out my hair in frustration a time or two, and get familiar with the world of bloggers!!