Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've been tagged!!

hmm, well i feel like an official blogger now LOL. Guess I'm it so thanks Renee, and you sure you really want to know 5 weird things about me??? I think I'm boring but...

1. I am still with my first boyfriend, now my husband, who I started dating when i was 14. not strange perhaps but in this day and age it's probably considered pretty weird. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary, Love Ya Hon
2. I worked at Wendy's restaurant when i was a teenager, for 2 years i think, and I still love their food!
3. I bark when i burp, can't help it, it just happens.
4. the colored part of my eyes are scaley looking, like snake skin sort of.
5. i chew my nails, always have, terrible habit but i grew them out this summer, yeah me. probably won't last long cause they aren't strong or nicely shaped but i can polish them at least.

so there you go, boring hey??? now i will see if i can come up with some people to tag.


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Julie said...

Not sure any of those are weird, but interesting tidbits!

christina said...

LOL corry you crack me up. bark when you burp eh? too funny.