Friday, October 26, 2007

tag, you're it!!!

Kim Watson tagged me to share 7 facts about myself so here goes, i'll play (and thanks for the comments about my pics of late, perhaps its just my new Canon XTi thats taking better pics but i am studying and trying to improve and learn).

1. i was terribly shy as a child, hated being up in front of people but working at Wendy's as a teen and being in charge of a crew brought me out of my shell and helped with that
2. i love singing at church and concerts/weddings but don't ask me to speak off the cuff first LOL, my dream is to record and album
3. i was a nail biter till last summer and have now been enjoying having fingernails for over a year, its never to late to break a bad habit
4. i'm married to my highschool sweetheart, we started dating when i was 15
5. i'd love to change my thin fine straight hair and crooked nose
6. i was born and raised in the city but have adjusted quite well to farm life and living in the country
7. i should have a job as a professional shopper LOL, i get a thrill from spotting a bargain whether it be new or at thrift shops or garage sales, it would be an awesome career.


Jane H said...

Corri I need you to teach me how to stop biting my nails :)

Kim Watson said...

Thanks for playing we all know you sing & hate public speaking...{me too} > I love the one about the professional shopper hahahaha! I think that would be 80% of the female population on the planet.

It is so nice that you are blogging more often.
Have a gr8 day!

P.S What do you farm?

Unknown said...

Corry...if you ever get a chance to record an album...Dennis can do it. JUST make a trip out to Ottawa here and we'll fire up the studio!!! :-)