Friday, February 09, 2007


What a nice surprise last week when my hubby brought me home a dozen roses, such a treat, so pretty and the splash of color in the midst of what is still serious winter weather was awesome. Of course i had to take a picture of them and they have since been "hung up to dry" LOL so i can enjoy them for a long long time. Thanks dear, love ya.

Its been a hectic week, back to work and an extra day today, just getting routine down again in time to get geared up for all the extra stuff going on with the kids, badminton starts monday, 4-H pancake supper, pizza party for hockey, etc etc, time just flies and the days are packed.

I am sad to say my term at Scrapbookers clubhouse as a dt member is over and it was my pleasure, great bunch of gals there to work with. It was also sad when Angelique decided to close the mboard down at Scrapbook Swede last week, glad the shop is still open though, so my dt term there has ended a bit early. Made it to round 3 in the cropazing race at Timeless so the competition is getting tough and i'm getting nervous but i have enjoyed the challenges. I am looking forward to cropping online at Sarah's Shabby shoppe this weekend and hope to get creative with the challenges and fun stuff going on there. Check it out!!

Baby Love was so much fun and i just love the portrait of Lindsey as a baby, and the Festive Nails was fun too when Lindsey and I did our nails up fancy over the Christmas Holidays, i still can't believe i HAVE nails, yep, they are still doing well, i think i've truly kicked the habit. I had fun doing some sweet valentines day projects for my family, still hoping for a few nice pictures for my february calendar page but so far nada. Hugs and stay warm


Stacy said...

great los!!!

Rhea said...

Awsome pages girl - who have beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

hey girl...figured i would stop by and say hi...i was just over at SSS today and noticed you bad i just missed the online crop....bugger....hope you have a wonderful v-day today!

Renee said...

Great stuff as usual girl! Was over at SSS yesterday too...haven't been there in so long...glad you had a good valentines day

Kelly said...

Gorgeous projects! I always look forward to seeing your new creations!