Thursday, August 23, 2007

at last..........


had a day to stay home and scrap, yep , i almost forgot how but not quite!!! Here are the projects i created with the SavvyNSassy August sassy ribbon kit which is yummy. I LOVE red, always have, to wear and decorate with, i loved using it with all the different patterned papers.

Its still COLD here, rainy and dreary, i can see a wee bit of sunshine and blue sky but its not enough for me. I suppose we'll drain the pool this weekend (Cryin here big time) as it doesn't sound like it will warm up much and i'm sure the water is way too cold to enjoy. The kids are ready for back to school with new supplies and clothes, even though they are not anxious to really go back to school the preparation is always fun. I found myself some fab new shoes for work/school too so I'm all set!!

We have our tickets booked for Maui, our passports will be in our hands this evening, the condo's are booked and I've got part of my wardrobe already planned to take, it may be close to 2 months away but i know how fast time flies, sooo excited. It feels more official now but till i step foot on the airplane (a big jet which will be a first for me) It won't seem quite real.

SO hope you are enjoying summer and sunshine where you are!!! send some our way pretty pretty please!!!


Vanessa said...

corry..great projects--they are lovely!

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful projects Corry. I always love looking at your's so gorgeous. My kids are getting ready for back to school too...and perhaps i hadn't spent so much on them, i would have had enough to spare on me...hahaha. Oh well!

Hazel said...

These are great! Thanks for leaving a comment on our Salt blog.