Thursday, September 27, 2007

Creative skills - sharing?

Ali Edwards ezine is great, love her philosophy on being a "life artist" ,just DO IT, capture the everyday, go with the flow type attitude (not that i can do her style myself but i have tried), and enjoy her challenges. this weeks ezine she challenged us to share our creative skills with others online or personally, to share what we do as scrapbookers that we are good at. Hmmm, i'm not sure quite what to share, i'd say color mixing but with the awesome pp collections and monthly kits i get lately that coordinate, that is the easy part, it feels like cheating sort of LOL. perhaps the way i manage to mix and use so many different patterned papers is my skill? i always want to try and use the most variety to take advantage of the sets and as many pieces as i can on one project and it can be hard but sometimes all you need is a little piece to get that nice mix of all the colors and contrast/design. You can never go wrong with a floral, a stripe and a plaid or polkadot. I guess my quilting for 8 years prior to catching the scrapping bug taught me about putting patterns and colours together but truthfully, i'm going to give credit where its due. I come from generations of talented creative women, my grandma has been quilting and painting and growing a beautiful garden full of color and design for years, and my mom just has the natural ability to design and decorate and quilt and sew..... so i say thanks to them for their instruction and their "genes".

Perhaps you can look at my layouts and tell me what my scrap skill is? i feel like my titles are sometime quirky or corny and obvious but i enjoy composing them and setting them out on a page. I am pretty handy with my sewing machine and paper :) but i don't seem to do it as often as i use to. Anyway, i just thought i'd throw that out for you today, and hope you'll comment and maybe share a link to somewhere you've shared your scrap skill with others.

and here are a couple recent pages for you. thanks to my Aunt Dot who's a great photographer and gave me some great advice this summer, as well as the cool picture of me "reflecting" and mitchell enjoying the beach :) (and mom took the ones in the creek - success!)


Kim Watson said...

Hi Corry, it is so good to see you have posted again. I LOVE your new pages, they are usual! Thanks for your creative tips, I must pop onto Ali's site again.

Keep well I will pop in again soon

Unknown said...

Corry...your layouts are beautiful - I say that all the time, but if I had to tell you one word that comes to mind about scrapping skills.... it is 'BALANCE'. Everything just flows and sits so balanced. Amazing.

Jane H said...

Corry your work is just amazing! I love what you do. I don't know how to describe your work other then amazing :)