Saturday, April 12, 2008


wants to be here and is trying hard despite a few freak snowfalls, some chilly nights and still a fair bit of white when i look outside over the valley, but it is changing and i'm glad to hear the birds singing, saw at least a dozen hawks yesterday on the way into town which must mean the mice are easy pickings with less snow around, and the pussy willows are popping (and i must wander outside and pick a bunch for the table). Busy, yep, as usual, we had a wonderful Easter break though, at Mom's in Kelowna, visiting with my brother and his adorable busy little (almost 3 yr old) guy, what fun. He loved to play chase and cars and have mitchell bounce him on the bed and our time was too short but better than nothing. lots of pics and lo's to follow of course since there were camera's in his face all the time!!! We did an egg hunt which he understood AFTER trying a chocolate egg and realizing what it was all about. The flu bug invaded and hindered our time there but we managed to do some junking and visiting friends/family and so it was well worth the drive.

Now its the final stretch before summer, counting down the days till i'm done my job as are the kids i'm sure. They wrote some midterms last week and got their report cards yesterday and did an excellent job once again, lots to be proud of!!! I'm playing in my scraproom when i have time, looking forward to a girls scrappy weekend coming up soon and can hardly wait to meet up with these ladies again. Here are a few of my latest projects to make you smile and think spring.


Jane H said...

Your layouts are awesome as always.

Unknown said...

OMG girl...i love all your layouts - you were busy this weekend!! Love all the spring ones. Awesome job!

Sherri said...

Love the new batch of layouts you posted Corry ~ awesome!!!!

Yes I am so glad spring is a coming as well - will have to capture some good pics once things finally start to green up again.

Take care

Joyce said... changed your blog since the last time I was here... I love it!!!

And I have to tell you... I am always inspired by your LO's...I always get great ideas as to how to use my LP kits from you!!