Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Not?

I decided today to open an Etsy store and see if I could sell some of my handmade cards that way......i seem to make so many over the course of a year, more than i will use so why not? so if you're interested i'm Here (unfortunately when I registered to buy a year or more ago i didn't realize my username would have to be the same if i were to open a shop so even though I have titled it Corry's Creations its under Corrysv2, my account name.......:( no changing it unless i want to start from scratch and lose my rating.)

I hope its worth it..........time will tell.

added a few of my latest creations for ya too.

1 comment:

Laura-Lee said...

Your stuff is just beautiful!! I'll have to check back often to see what your up too 8-)