Tuesday, June 16, 2009

how is it possible that 2 months have gone by and i haven't posted to my poor neglected blog!! ugh......well lets see, we did our ensuite reno project, had company for a week, drove million miles to soccer games, tournament in edmonton and practices for both kids, 4-h achievement day, yard cleanup and pool set up.......oh and i think i worked and slept and cooked and cleaned in there somewhere so i was just happy to keep up with my emails, visit the 3 message boards on occasion and get near my scraproom once a week. BUT that should change as things wind down like work and school, 4-H etc......we'll still have soccer but so glad that school will be out for summer. YIPEEE.

Want to say congrats to my 2 cousins on the birth of their babies, Katriel is such a sweety and i sure hope to meet Remington before too long. Enjoy parenthood you guys!!!!

And yeah for mb challenges and finding some mojo this weekend to get creative!!!!

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Unknown said...

Hey girl...long time!! I just wanted to let you know that I saw your layout in the CS magazine!! It's beautiful - and I'm so proud of you. :) Hope you are doing well. missin' you!