Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall splendor

has been pretty nice here this past week, but the wind has definitely sped up the fall process and i am sad to see the trees baring off. Got some good pics of the kids though and a few with their Grandma Heinricks who was visiting this past week.


Renee said...

great photo corry!

Donna C said...

Wow ! Look how your kids have changed since the beginning of summer ! You have two beautiful children Corry ! Great photo of the family ( nice that you could get Greg to sit for a few minutes and have one taken ! ) and the fall colors are definately turning to bare quickly !

christina said...

i love the pics and donna is right LOL they have changed since the beginning of summer. i wanted to say a big CONGRATS to you for making it to the ds team. So glad you had tons of fun at scrapfest and the pics are fun to look at. keep a bloggin LOL I love reading.