Sunday, November 12, 2006

A good week

Its been a good week, ended up with a Snow day tuesday so i didn't have to go to work, no school, just a day at home to scrap and hang with the kids. Still crazy winter here, feels like its been cold and snowy for months but it hasn't been that long i guess, sure is pretty though and i know i need to be "thankful" for the moisture the snow brings, we sure do need it. Mitchell is quite happy to have a bunch of snow to sled in thats for sure.

I had fun creating this week, a few dt projects, still no Love2Scrap site yet and i'm sure hoping it will be up soon, we are suppose to have an online crop this coming weekend so please check it out and join in the fun if you can.

Its down to the final 4 in Pick of the Patch phenominal persuit so heres' hoping i make it to the end, i would love to win. "tell me Please" is a layout i did for challenge #15 (I think) where we had to interview someone, i asked both the kids the same questions, obviously i don't say "I love you" often enough, must rectify that!!!

And "My typical day..." is my Phenominal Pursuit bonus challenge entry, theme was 360 degrees. It took me a while to ponder and come up with a them, i liked the results, will see if Canadian Scrapbooker likes it enough to pick it as winner.

"Beauty" was just a simple layout with some gorgeous MME Products and one of those layouts i had a hard time just leaving as is but with the scalloped bazzill and the great picture of Lindsey (and some good advice)I decided to just go with simple for a change LOL. Also did a bit of a freestyle one of Mitchell mastering the slalom ski thing this past summer. THanks Lindsey for having some of those black paper journals for me to steal off you!!

This week should be fairly calm, i am doing a CTMH party thursday evening and i haven't done one in probably 2 years so should be interesting but the product is so great, it sells itself and i don't push it. Hope the Nov. SOTM comes along with my order tomorrow or tuesday so i can play with that for the demo. I should really start making my Christmas cards one of these days too. Might have to be assembly line mass production for this year if i'm even going to get any made to mail out.

I had the kids portraits done at W'mart last week so am hoping they turn out really nice, look forward to seeing them in a few weeks. Once again no nice family pic to send out for the holiday, surprise surprise, maybe next year i'll get my act together.


Anonymous said...

hey are rawk'n with the layouts!!! I love them all!!!

Missed you at the retreat!!!

L2S is up and at it again!!!!

Give me a call when you get a chance.

Good Luck with PP at POTP!!!

christina said...

omg you are on a roll with those AWESOME LO'S. they are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Corry
I love your blog, I too have receintly set one up, although I am a bit slow on how to change my links list and various other things. Think I changed my templet last night because I had one like the one you used (snap!) and now mine is white...oh, well hopefully I will get the hang of it soon.

You have been scrapping like crazy, haven't you! Your L.O's are gr8! I really relate to how you put your pages together and the thought process behind them. You are good,girl!
I am curious tho' to know how much stash you actually have? you seem to have such an amazing variety of bits 'n bobs that I have never even seen before, not that we even get most of it here anyway :o( will be sooooo cool when we finally get our visa's together and are able to move to Canada. I will then have access to all that beautiful stash-yipee!
any way just wanted to say hi and I hope you are all well.

Elizabeth said...

hey corry,
it's been a while since I've been to your blog.
those LO's are AMAZING!!
great stuff!

hope you're keeping well..
I'm still thinking about that trip :)

Renee said...

corry those turned out so beautiful! I love them. That "my typical day" is amazing!

Renee said...

great layouts Corry!!! Always inspiring!