Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Has Sprung???

well its March 26th and its beautiful here - finally! melting and warm and sunny but i am not holding my breath, it may not last but i'm "glad" to see the mud.

What a week, busy busy with our church supper thing that went well and i must say i'm glad its over, march has been stressful and i'm looking forward to a slower paced April with spring break from school in the middle there.

Poor Lindsey has got the chicken pox, she is not happy, about them or missing school but that is life, better now than as an adult like i was, NOT fun!!! I haven't dared try and snap a picture yet but i will, have to document the event somehow.

Here is a layout i did last week with a photo i played with in PS keeping her eyes blue as they are. A flower explosion on this layout "She", maybe thats my wishing for spring coming out on paper!

"Celebrate Every Detail" was fun to do, did it for a challenge or two on the boards and played a bit with some corrugated cardboard and stuff.

Oh and we have puppies, we thought we had lost our dog Zoe but she was only in hiding having two puppies, they are so cute already and the eyes are starting to open so will be getting pictures as soon as i can.


Rhea said...

awsome pages! love your work girl!

Leah said...

Beautiful layouts!